Nanette Lepore: The New Diane Von Furstenberg?



Sure, they both make colorful, patterned, feminine clothes that translate well for today’s young woman.  But both designers also seem to be vying to be queen of NYC’s fashion industry.  Diane Von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, is the existing matriarch, with seemingly endless connections (like Mayor Bloomberg) and a celebrity in her own right.  DVF is pushing to move Fashion Week from the Lincoln Center to the Hudson Yards (“Culture Shed”), near her office and the Highline, her other contribution to the city.  Once I saw her at JFK coming off a flight from Paris, and she looked absurdly fresh and gorgeous.  In the same vein, she is a Lean In businesswoman, invested in the project to move the shows (this is my theory about why she chose to show downtown this year, although the Shed won’t be open until 2018).  

Meanwhile, Nanette Lepore is quietly staging a takeover.  She has been co-chair of the Save the Garment District campaign and in January made headlines for dressing the FLONYC and FDONYC at their husband/father Bill de Blasio’s inauguration.  She has also remained at Lincoln Center with IMG, although would rather have everyone get back together at Bryant Park.  Regarding the Culture Shed, she even told Fashionista, "I just think that there’s a few people that are going to benefit from that nicely, and I wonder why we need to push that."  I will admit, much of this rivalry is in my head from having watched too much Gossip Girl.  At the end of the day, this is a big city with room for two queen bees, and it is pretty awesome to have women running the show.

NYFW F/W 2014: Marc Jacobs + MBMJ



The growing up of the Marc by Marc Jacobs girl was long overdue.  Although lucrative, it was always overly cutesy compared to the grunge for which Marc Jacobs earned his fame (then again, he does have a Spongebob tattoo…).  Now, under the direction of Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, girls everywhere can express their inner sk8r-power ranger-soldiers in MBMJ.  Even the Luella girl is growing up, which is cool for me, but what will manic pixie dream girls wear?  Actual vintage, I guess.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs (the designer) is just TEASING US with this season’s Marc Jacobs (the line), and I don’t just mean the sweet Kendall Jenner in a transparent top.  The clouds, the simplicity, the neutrals, the sheers reflect a softness and a clean slate.  This is your rebirth, we get it.  But who will you become?  I’ll be sitting at the edge of my seat in anticipation…until September then!

Sarah Silverman on Depression

Couture Week Spring 2014

Vionnet: Hussein Chalayan’s architectural-but-fluid, sheer-but-not dress seems simple at first glass but becomes more complex with deeper inspection.

Chanel: Futurism…in a Florida retirement village.  The several thousand dollar sneakers will surely spawn imitations, although hopefully we will also be seeing more midriff-baring covered midriff tops.

Giambattista Valli and Armani Prive: So much swagger in a lose, low slung pant; whether from the perspective of jet-setter or gypsy, they travel well.

Valentino: Operatic animal sheath?  If you say so.  This is how I would like to dress everyday.

Fashion Bloggers on Bravo

When we were younger, I think being in a Disney Channel Original Movie was the epitome of celebrity cool.  Nowadays, I think having your own show on Bravo is the grown-up equivalent.  The season just ended for the first reality show about a fashion blogger, Courtney Kerr, of What Courtney Wore and formerly of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas.  There were 8 episodes with a small audience, which begs the question: Is fashion blogging boring?  

After having kept up with my blog for a few months now, I would say that many aspects of keeping a blog are dull and certainly dull to watch.  I love writing and taking photos and reading blogs.  I do not love figuring out computer related issues from domains to hosts to layout or agonizing about not having any readers.  I’m sure watching the blogosphere’s celebrities, with their industry meetings and glamorous parties, would be more fun to watch, in the same way that we devour shows and films about fashion editors, stylists, models, and photographers but not about IT techs or internet writers.

Courtney is somewhere in between.  Her closet and weekly photoshoots are homegrown and reflect the average personal style blog.  With the backing of Bravo, she also had a collaboration with Bauble Bar and became a television talk show host.  For me, though, the show wasn’t glamorous enough, and the characters weren’t engaging or eccentric enough to make up for this.  In contrast, D Magazine’s episode recaps were brilliant.  Let’s see how Bravo portray’s A Belle in Brooklyn's blogger Daisy Lewellyn on the new show Blood, Sweat, and Heels, although she seems to be more of a self-help entrepreneur than a fashion blogger.